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Hoffman AI Breeders is proud to offer Stallion Semen Collection and Freezing Services.
We have frozen semen available from these Feature Stallions:



1975 Palomino Stallion

Sire: Cutter Bill
Dam: Miss Badge 101

Owner: Christine H. Bukowski, Canyon Rim Ranch - Whitewater, CO

Contact owner for semen purchase: (970)640-8161
- BILL THE CUTTER is one of the last two known breeding sons of CUTTER BILL, the legendary NCHA World Champion, AQHA Champion and Superior Cutting Horse, and AQHA Hall of Fame member. His first generation bloodline will be 50 years old next year. - BILL THE CUTTER shares the same maternal grandsire as the legendary sires of champions, TWO EYED JACK and PEPPY SAN BADGER. - His dam, MISS BADGE 101, has NCHA earnings of $2617, she also has 6 AQHA Halter points and 8 AQHA cutting points with an AQHA Performance ROM. She is the dam of 8 foals, 4 performers and 2 NCHA Money earners. - BILL THE CUTTER is the sire of NCHA Money earners, most are still being shown. He has also sired many PHBA(Palomino Horse Breeders Assoc.) point earners. - BILL THE CUTTER is completely free of Poco Bueno or Traveler bloodlines. - FQHR 100%, FQHA 87.5%, NFQHA 85%-No Three Bars. - Subscribed to AQHA Incentive Fund.

1999 Buckskin Stallion

Sire: Skips Napoleon
Dam: St Robin QH

Owner: Gene and Rose Baron, Bar~On Ranch - Hyde Park, UT

Contact owner for semen purchase: (435)563-3538

- Skippoleon was the 2003 Champion of Champions-Eastern Idaho AQHA Open Show

- Skippoleon took 1 st place halter stallion in the Old Fred Family Legacy- Skipper W Show

- Skippoleon is a rarely found Branded Wiescamp Stallion

- Skippoleon is registered in four different breed registries-AQHA, APHA, ABRA, and IBHA

- For more information on Skippoleon go to www.bar-onranch.com

APHC #: 3686049    |  Breed: Quarter Horse 

1998 Blue Roan Stallion

Sire: NLD Joe's Blue Hancock (Blue Roan)
Dam: Tunes Lou (Grey)

Owner: Mary Griffin - Logan, UT

Contact owner for semen purchase: (435)753-4978

- Joe has a very nice disposition and should pass it on to his foals

- Joe has a pretty head and nice big eyes

- Joe is a rugged thick boned horse making him a great choice in breeding for sturdy stock horses

- Joe carries both the roan and the grey gene and has offspring that shows both of these traits

- Joe is 96.875 % Foundation Quarter Horse

- His grand sire is the famous Blue Roan Debruycker stallion, five times to Joe Hancock

APHC #: 591783   |  Breed: Appaloosa  

2000 Chestnut Stallion with a blanket

Sire: Docs Lil Quanah
Dam: A Playmates Zipper

Owner: Hurley Appaloosas - Tremonton, UT

Contact owner for semen purchase: (435)257-4032

- Cash Me Zip N Quanah features some of the most successful bloodlines in performance horses today and he has now won the award as an ApHC Supreme Versatility Champion.

- He has his ROM in Senior Reining, Steer Daubing, Keyhole, Barrels and Pole Bending.

- Cash has also been Big Wyoming Appaloosa Horse Club 2005 Overall High Point Saddle Horse and the 2006 High Points Games horse, 2006 Montana High Point Performance Horse, 2006 Utah High Point Stallion, and the 2005 Cache Valley Winter Team Roping Series and has now been awarded the ApHC’s Supreme Versatility Champion Award.

- If you are looking for an overall performance sire for your mare please contact us.

- Cash’s foals are also eligible to be registered with the Colorado Ranger Horse Association

APHC #: 651853   |  Breed: Appaloosa   |  Color: Chestnut with blanket 

2007 Appaloosa Stallion

Sire: Geneo JJ
Dam: Cash Any Time

Owner: Dan Presley- Olyhmpia, WA

Contact owner for semen purchase: maddmax1015@gmail.com

- Feisty Zip...WOW! when winning, pedigree, and conformation is everything!

-Feisty Zip'S sire and dam 4 generation pedigree's have 12 "Hall Of Fame" horses...you can't get much better than that!

- His sire "Hall of Fame" list: Wego Melody,Top Deck,Go Man Go,We Go Charge,& Top Moon.

- His dam "Hall of Fame" list: Bold Ruler, Rose Time, Go Man Go, Jet Deck, Rocket Bar, Dash For Cash, & Rocket Wrangler.

- Feisty Zip's dam (Cash Any Time) never raced, but her full brother (Juno Da Time) was named NW Regional Champion for 2 yrs in a row.

- If you're looking for high performance, speed, conformation, and good looks Feisty Zip is the sire to breed to...!

SD Skipa Handy Array

2003 Bay Stallion

Sire: Skippers Lick
Dam: Miss Handy Array

Owner: Ken & Connie Durfee, Scribble D Quarter Horses - Grantsville, UT

Contact owner for semen purchase: (435)884-3374

- PHSC High Point Year End Stallion

- Many Grand and Reserves

- AQHA Open Halter points

- AQHA Open Halter points

- Good minded and nice to ride. Stands approximately 15.2.

SD Skipa Handy Array: Get of Sire

Get of Sire Link

Skip Prevail

2004 Palomino Stallion

Sire: Classic Skipper
Dam: Tender Moon Parade

Owner: Ken & Connie Durfee, Scribble D Quarter Horses - Grantsville, UT

Contact owner for semen purchase: (435)884-3374

- Shoemaker~Skipper W Futurity Winner

- PHSC Year End High Point Yearling Stallion

- AQHA Grand Champion Stallion Open & Amateur over Aged Stallions Utah State Fair

- Produces pretty foals with outstanding dispositions. They're also nice to ride.

- Joe has a very gentle easy going disposition and nice to be around. He stands 15.1hh.

Skip Prevail: Get of Sire

Get of Sire Link

Buffalo Stance

2015 True Blue Roan

Dam: Hollywood Footprints

Owner: Ransom & Jill Logan - Thermopolis, WY

Contact owner for semen purchase: (307)921-8868 or (307)921-8782
DCC Vegas

2002 Bay Tobiano

Sire: Star's Lucky Touch
Dam: Memorial's Sassy Princess

Owner: Lisa Perry

Contact owner for semen purchase: (702)228-4777

Special 2018 offer on frozen semen for this legendary hypo-allergenic Curly Missouri Fox Trotter Stallion! Yes, you can now produce foals that are allergy free!! Have family or friends who cannot be around horses? Most people allergic to horses are not allergic to curly horses and their offspring. Breed Vegas with your good quality Fox Trotter, Tennessee Walker, Paso Fino, Rocky Mountain Horse or Peruvian mares.

Vegas is registered Missour Fox Trotter and with the ICHO as a curly horse. Your offpring can be registered with both registries if your mare is registered foxtrotter and with the ICHO if she is a different breed of gaited horse.

New for 2018! You can choose between two stallion service packages for DCC Vegas.

  • Option #1: Purchase a live foal guarantee and additional doses of frozen semen that you need to produce 1 live foal are FREE! All you need to pay is the shipping cost for the frozen semen. Only one foal may be produced with the frozen semen shipped to you. 2 doses (8 straws) frozen semen will be shipped to you at a time.
  • Option #2: Purchase 4 doses of frozen semen (16 straws) and you own it! If you get 16 foals or 0 foals that is up to you, your mares and your vet. We will sign all the registration papers for all the foals you produce with your frozen semen. You are purchasing the frozen semen and can store it with your vet until you decide to use it. This frozen semen will keep indefinitely so that means you could be producing Vegas foals even after he has passed on! We know a client who produced 3 foals with 3 straws of frozen semen on the first try, but most vets recommend using 4 to 8 straws per insemination. That will all be up to you and your vet.

Each package costs $600 plus $150 shipping (free if you use a vet in Logan, Utah as the frozen semen is located at Intermountain Stallion services in Logan).

This offer is good through the 2018 breeding season or until the allotted supplies run out...... whichever one comes first. Vegas is now living in Germany and will not be coming back to the United States so once this supply of frozen semen is gone, there will not be anymore.

Get the smooth gaited curly foals you want! Amazing opportunity to get the gaited curly foals of your dreams. Contact us right away to reserve your supply. Offer only available in Canada and USA.

Go here to see video of Vegas:


Master Boot Jac

Owner: Chris Simpson - (208)220-6162

Owner: Brett Broadhead

Contact owner for semen purchase: (801)317-7559

Quicksilver has now become available to breed to outside mares. Up to this point, he has been one of the great stallions standing at Anderson Foxtrotters and unavailable for outside breeding. He is the sire of many excellent horses sold over the years. Quicksilver is a registered 16 hand chestnut sabino with outstanding bone. He passes his size and exceptionally smooth gait on to his foals. He has even produced well gaited foals when bred to quarter horse mares. Quicksilver has a calm and willing personality. Even as a stud, he is very easy to handle. If you are looking to improve the size and gait of your foal, Quicksilver will do the job. 


Owner: Brett Broadhead

Contact owner for semen purchase: (801)317-7559

Huey is an exceptional, Amish-bred, blue roan Percheron stallion being offered for stud service only. At 2 years old, he is 16.3 hands and over 1400 pounds. Huey has an athletic, sport horse build and will finish out over 17 hands and 1700 pounds. Huey is a nice mover. He will be trained to ride and compete in Cowboy Dressage events. He will also be trained in harness to drive both double and single. Huey is calm, gentle, smart and willing. He has a kind eye and the personality that you need in a horse his size. If you want to add some size, bone, hip, color and sense to your future foals; Huey is your guy.


Owner: Brett Broadhead

Contact owner for semen purchase: (801)317-7559

Titan is an exceptional 6 year old, 15 hand, registered Missouri foxtrotter stallion. His sire is Hydro’s Pawnee Bill, who is now a breeding stallion in Germany. His dam is a direct daughter of Ramblin Prospector. These have come together to make a fantastic combination: well gaited, beautiful conformation, nice temperament and beautiful color producer! Titan is just starting his saddle training and is proving to be calm, smart & willing. He has been color tested and confirmed Perlino, so he is homozygous cream (Ee Aa CrCr). He will throw color every time (buckskin, palomino, etc). Please contact me with color questions and color probabilities breeding him to your mare.


Owner: Brett Broadhead

Contact owner for semen purchase: (801)317-7559

Now available to make gaited mules in Utah is this 2 time Kansas state halter and obstacle course champion by the famous jack, Gentle Ben. Not just a pretty face; Bender is a smart, kind, gentle jack with a willing attitude who loves people. He passes these traits on to his foals. A red roan dun with a few small spots, he compliments your mare’s color. He has a nice headset and beautiful ears, making a great looking saddle mule about the same size to 2” taller than your mare. Riding video at https://youtu.be/96fw7p9hKyw. Additional video and pictures of foals available on request. Stud fee includes a 4 straw breeding dose of frozen semen for AI through your vet. Let’s make you an awesome mule!

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